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deviation in storage by toratons
Kept getting tagged, figured I might as well get it over with.

  1. Do NOT change any of the questions below.
  1. You must answer all of the questions.
  1. Follow these rules
  1. Tag 10 people and 10 people exactly. If you don’t have 10 friends, just find random people on deviantART and tag them. xD
  1. Have fun suckers!

Who are You?
1. What is your name?

2. What are some of your nicknames?
Al, Voltz, Voltzey (no idea who came up with this one) and YOU!

3. When is your birthday?
February 26th, I know that soon.

4. What’s your Zodiac sign?
In case you couldn’t figure out; Pisces

5. What is your Chinese Zodiac?

6. Are you a sibling?
Yep, an older brother

7. What is your spirit animal?
An Owl, I guess

8. Where were you born?
Some place called Woodinville in Washington, United States

9. Where are you right now?
Some place called Seattle in Washington, United States

10. Male or Female?

11. Are you currently in a romantic relationship?

12. Do you have any tattoos or piercing?

13. Eye color?

14. Hair color?
Strawberry blonde

15. Shoe size?
13 inches/33 centimeters

16. Height?
6’4”/1.95 meters

17. Right handed or left handed?

18. Are you currently going to school?

19. Do you have a job?
Yep, sucks though

20. Have you ever smoked?
Hell to the f*ck no. 

21. Have you ever drank alcohol?
Yep, I am at the drinking age, after all 

22. Have you ever been to prison or committed a crime?
Prison? Nope, crime? Well I drove 4 mph faster than I should have through a school zone

23. Have you ever been on TV?
Yep, regrettably, I was behind the camera and I was reflected onto a poster. Good thing you can’t find that episode or you would see me fidgeting in that poster. So embarrassing…

24. Are you secretly a superhero?
Well that would defeat the purpose of a secret identity if I said I was, wouldn’t it?

25. What’s the strangest thing to have ever happened to you?
Was given $20 from a guy for rescuing his cell phone.

26. When was your moment of pure triumph?
Seeing one of my student films on a theater screen

27. What was the last song you listened to?

Rest in Peace, Maurice White.

If You...

28. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Fund my own feature film, duh.
Oh and I guess donate a few grand to the charities in town.

29. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you go?
Go back to Italy, then again, I’m in dire need for a bloody vacation.

30. If you could meet one of your heroes (dead or alive) who would it be?
Akira Kurosawa or Stanley Kubrick

31. If they made a movie of your life, who would you cast to play yourself?
Shrug* probably a low-key Chris Pratt

32. If you woke up one day to suddenly have super powers, what powers would they be?
The Power to turn items or people into money!
The downside is, the money can only turn into pesos.

33. If you were a superhero one day, what would you yell as you charge into the fight?
“Cry Havok!”

34. If you had a time machine, would you use it? If yes, when would you go?
Hmm, probably. Time paradoxes and whatever.
where? Max Yasgur’s 15 acre farm in Bethel, New York. Start on August 15, 1969 and spend the next three days.
Even better? Bring an HD camera from today and take it back then to film The Who’s bitchin’ performance.

35. If you could meet one of your friends from deviantART, who would it be?
:iconfishlover:, :iconfinjix:, and :iconjarvisrama99:

36. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Jokey, idealistic, analytical

37. If your friends would describe you in three words, what would they be?
I dunno, can’t remember the last time I had friends to describe me?

38. If you could give advice to your past self, what would it be?
F*ck what those pricks say, pick up a camera and get filming. You’d be surprised how fast you can build a filmography when you actually have friends you can physically talk to to help make movies with you.

39. If there was a soundtrack for you life, what would some of the songs be?
Probably a lot of rock music with classical or jazz thrown in for the more morose moments.

40. If the world was overrun by zombies, what would your survival plan be?
First, head over to all the Sporting goods stores, grab as many blunt tools as I can fit in my car and get out of the city while the going is still good and the roads are clear enough before the mobs of people abandon their cars in panic. Failing that, take a motorbike, load up and head into a secluded spot in the woods to wait out the zombie apocalypse, killing any zombie stragglers that come my way.

41. If the world was overrun by killer robots, what would your survival plan be?
Robots? Well, time to meet my maker, they’re more intelligent and more deadly than zombies.

42. If the world was overrun by super intelligent apes, you know the rest.
If they’re intelligent, they might be reasoned with so I could just appeal to them and make myself useful to their regime.

43. If you could redraw or rewrite any piece of work you’ve posted on deviantART, what would it be?
Whoo boy, a lot of reviews from way back in 2011-2012 could use some work….

44. If you were Emperor of the World, what would be the first thing you do?
First, institute social justice and acceptance and anyone who doesn’t buy that, I’ll put you on an island with bears on it

45. If you could wield any video game weapon, which one would it be?
Either a Morph Gun from Jak II or a Hidden Blade from the Assassin’s Creed franchise

46. If you could have any animal as a pet without risk of being eaten or killed, what animal would it be?
An elephant, I could ride that sucker to work and have it held around with yard work or repairs around the house, though feeding it would be a bitch on my wallet

47. If ye had the chance to change ye’r fate, would ye?
Some elements of it, possibly. Mostly just to give me more self-confidence.
About You and deviantART

48. When did you first join deviantART?
November 18, 2007

49. Why did you join devintART?
My sister had an account and she refused to post more of my artwork so she helped me get my own account

50. What was the first picture you posted on deviantART?
On my Sister’s account, it would be this: 
Katara gets $$$ by AvatarWolfman

51. How many favorites does that picture have now?

52. Who was the first person you +Watched on deviantART?
I dunno, probably :iconavatarwolfman:

53. Who was the first person to start +Watching you on deviantART?
Geez, I don’t know. Chances are, they probably deleted their own account.

54. How many +Watchers do you currently have?
255, I’m clearly not pissing off enough people.

55. How many people do you +Watch?
193. Yeah, I know, not too many.

56. How many llamas do you have?

57. Search your deviantART name on Google and post a link to the first image you see.

58. Search yourself on deviantART. Post the first image you see here.

Don't F--- with Ezio by Volts48

59. Search up three of your characters on deviantART. Post the first image for each of them here.
Death Battle Host - Lucas Zaboot
Full Name: Lucas Antonio Zabootski
Creator: :iconVolts48:
Voice Actor: Nolan North (though with a New Jersey accent)
Theme: Keep on Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young
Born in Island Heights, New Jersey, Lucas' early life composed of family, school and watching televised pro wrestling with his blue-collar warehouse worker father, Ryan Zabootski, while his mother, Alice Zabootski, worked the night shift as a nurse. At age 12, his life began to spiral downward when his father was gunned down in the crossfire of a Jersey mob hit, traumatizing him deeply and receiving his father's engraved box cutter from the company didn't help him with his grief. Concerned for her son's well-being, Alice enrolled Lucas to take self-defense and she took two jobs to support her son, this had the unfortunate effect of being out of the house to the point Lucas barely saw her anymore. At age 13, Lucas started skipping school and joined a neighborh

Tall Tales with Johnny and Lucas Poster 6 by Jarvisrama99
Tall Tales with Johnny and Lucas Poster 5 by Jarvisrama99
And funny thing is, two of these aren't even mine. XD

60. What art style do you mostly use?
Haven’t drawn in a while so, you tell me.

61. What kind of art do you normally post here on deviantART?
Use to be sketches, cartoons, short comics, now it’s all literature and the occasional digital art.

62. What art style do you wish you could master?
Man, if I knew how to draw Manga style or Disney Style, chances are, I’d already be working in the industry.

63. How would you describe your art style?
Sporadic, meticulous. I criticize myself it it doesn’t look right.
If you’re talking about my writing, eh, I like to think that if I can properly create an image in your head while you read it or can get with the vibe, then you can follow it just fine.
Same case goes for reviewing; if my criticisms make sense to me, then I feel it should make sense for anyone else.

64. How would others describe your art style?
The hell should I know? Last time anyone cared about what I drew was years ago.
As for my writing, I’ve had my share of praise and scorn over the past few years. Does that count?

65. Whose art style has inspired yours the most?
Art-wise? Eh, started with stick figures for fan art of “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” but I was always impressed with my sister so I tried to follow her example, I suppose. Nowadays I dunno, drawing is more abstract than concrete.
Writing style though? Shrug* Influences come from all over for the sh*t I write. Most stuff involving dialogue, I took influence from Tarantino, the way action happens, I try to take in mind Spielberg or Peter Jackson or combine elements of old cinema to form imagery for ya’ll to imagine as you read.
Reviewing style comes from Ebert and MacDonald, but the Nitpick-a-thons came from trying to emulate the Nostalgia Critic, Oancitizen with some of the sarcasm of Mr Plinkett.

66. How have other deviants influenced your artstyle and/or artwork in general?
Well, when i was drawing, i’d have to say :iconfishlover: gave me a lot of creative influence to work with, even though I was WAY too shy to say so before. Funny how back then, you look at someone who’s been making art for years and is intimidated, now when I see her icon it’s like “oh hey, how’s it goin’ Mags?”
Writing? Whoo boy, I’ve read so many written works from different people it’s hard to recall who influenced me from before?

67. How many pieces do you currently have in your Gallery?
1,668 deviations

68. Who are some of your favorite artists on deviantART?
:iconinked-alpha: (a real shame she’s considering hanging up the pens and pencils)

69. How many art contests have you participated in?
…can’t really recall…I’m gonna say four or five…

70. How many of those art contests have you won?
…huh….I sort of recall winning one of them…the more recent one I was in didn’t have a Best prize, it was more of a gift exchange thing.

71. Has your art ever been ripped off?
I have been informed before my older work was, yes.

72. Have you ever ripped off somebody else’s artwork?
Not intentionally. I try to ask an artist beforehand if it’s okay to use their characters or art to avoid causing trouble.

73. Do you do requests?
Yes, it’s why I did this: 
Balto Nostalgiaview
Yes, the time has finally come, ladies and gentlemen.
Ever since I started doing these nitpicky-jokes I call Nostalgiaviews back in January of 2011, this is without a doubt THE MOST requested movie everyone has asked me to review.
Not that I blame them, this movie has a nostalgic quality to it that makes it well-remembered. It has colorful animation, which leaves an impression on kids even if you don’t recall the story as you grow up and it’s a film about dogs! The only people who don’t like movies about dogs are people who have cats or really hate seeing the same damn movie where they make you feel sad about a dog. 
Or if you’re allergic to furry pets and can’t have one, then I guess you get a pass.
But enough joking around, it’s time to discuss the long-requested film that’s been on my reviewing queue for five years.
Specifically, the event that this film is about. That’s right, if you want to get your nitpicking gags, you have to

If you mean art requests, then no, I don’t do that anymore. I have to be in the right mood to draw for an occasion.

74. Do you do commissions?
The day someone pays me money to write a review tearing apart movies people like, I might as well stop trying to get into the film industry.

75. Do you do collaborations?
I’m not against it. In fact, I’m more than happy to collaborate, so long as both I and the other party are satisfied with the work.
It feels good to know it’s fair for both of us.

76. Asides from deviantART, where can people see your artwork?
Just pick up that three-ring binder sitting in my man cave and look through it. Otherwise, give me a pen and I’ll draw mustaches on advertising.

77. What is something that is difficult for you to draw?
perspective and detail.
Plus the human body is so bloody difficult to get right.

78. Why is it you decided to make artwork for a living in the first place?
Ha! Who the hell said I was?

Your Favorites

79. Favorite Movie?
Take your pick; I have too many to choose from.
But if you want five: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pulp Fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Throne of Blood and Metropolis

80. Favorite TV Show?
You know the problem with TV? Once you watch it all the way through, there isn’t much reason to watch it again, because the emotional impact of seeing it the first time is lost. Ya’know?

81. Favorite cartoon/anime?
Cartoon? Grew up with Looney Tunes so I’ll stick with that.
Anime? Princess Mononoke.

82. Favorite Actor?
Can’t go wrong with Marlon Brando. 
Sure, difficult actor to work with, but man, if he didn’t show results…

83. Favorite Actress?
Judi Dench, Emma Thompson, Maggie Smith, Venessa Redgrave, Helen Mirren; sh*t who do I have to kill to get these ladies to play the leading roles of “The Merchant of Venice” or an adaptation of “The Merry Wives of Windsor?”

84. Favorite Director?
Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa, Charlie Chaplin, Billy Wilder.
That enough?

85. Favorite Hero?
The Incredible Hulk comes to mind.
Also Indiana Jones, Ellen Ripley, Han Solo, and Commander Shepherd comes to mind.

86. Favorite Villian?
The multiple gangster roles of Edward G. Robinson. Damn, that guy was an outstanding actor.
Hal9000, Dr. Hannibal Lector, Dr. Doom, Vaas Montenegro, Disney’s Hades is fun

87. Favorite Book?
Lord of the Flies by William Goldman, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

88. Favorite Author?
Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway

89. Favorite Song?
Too many to list.

90. Favorite Singer / Band / Composer?
Fav singer?
James Taylor

Seriously, even in his 60s, this guy’s voice still sounds incredible. He’s also a really good songwriter too.
Fav Band? 
Steely Dan

Fav composer?
A toss-up between Igor Stravinsky and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Ah, who am I kidding? Mozart for the win.

91. Favorite video game?
Fallout 3, the original Star Wars Battlefront, Knights of the Old Republic II (damn it, stop being addicting to play!), Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag to name a select few

92. Favorite video game console?
Preferably one that works. I own a PS2 and an XBOX 360 and I’m satisfied with both

93. Favorite Sport?
I’m more into picking up a baseball to hit a few balls, but then there’s American football which is fun to watch with friends and family (and my kickass neighbors who are alcohol salesmen and have a bitchin’ set up on their back porch. Their Super Bowl parties are the best)

94. Favorite Hobby?
Cooking, hiking, reading, and listening to music comes to mind

95. Favorite Food?
Italian food typically comes to mind

96. Favorite Drink?
alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

97. Favorite Pizza topping?
Meat lovers comes to mind, but I’m not that worried about what I find on top (so long as it’s not squid ink. ack.)

98. Favorite Ice Cream flavor?
…I have not eaten ice cream in months, how the f*ck am I to remember what it’s like?

99. Favorite candy?
I dunno, been cutting down on those that I can’t recall anymore. I think I last recall Reese’s or Mike&Ikes in my possession.

100. Favorite Fast Food joint?
F*ck fast food. You want food fast? it yourself and take it with you from home.

101. Favorite place to go on vacation?
What is this “vacation” you speak of? I haven’t had one in over three years.

102. Favorite place to be alone?
Either in my room or in the back in the freezers.

103. Favorite place to go with friends?
What are you writing a book? Leave my friends out of this.

104. Favorite animal?
I guess I’m more of a dog person, I dunno, I don’t think too much on this subject

105. Favorite dinosaur?
Which one is still alive? Oh wait, none of them are, so this question is moot to ask.

106. Favorite plant?
If I were a pot smoker, I would probably say Cannibis.

107. Favorite theme park ride?
Again, not been to one in years.

108. Favorite noise?
Don’t like noises too well, but sounds to be used in sound editing is a different story.

109. Favorite smell?
Basil. Seriously, grab a plant and take a good whiff.

110. Favorite YouTube Video?

111. Favorite YouTuber?
I have to choose ONE? Screw you.

112. Favorite Holiday?
A day to just relax sounds nice…IF I HAD ONE!!!

113. Favorite gift you’ve ever received?
Received an Indiana Jones hat way back in high school, still wear that thing.

114. Favorite word?
I have enough words to choose from, selecting one of them would be insignificant

115. Favorite color?
Red or black

116. Favorite number?

117. Favorite joke?
A frog goes to a fortune teller and asks if he’ll ever find true love. The fortune teller  looks in her crystal ball and says “yes, I see you will meet a lovely young lady.” The frog gleefully asks “where will I meet her? At a party? A bar?”
The fortune teller replies “Nope, in a biology class.”

118. Favorite quote?
“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”
-Lao Tzu

Your Friends

119. Who tagged you with this meme?
I was tagged by these losers:
:iconcktoonstudios: and :iconfinjix:,

120. Are you going to take your revenge on this person later?
I do when they’re asleep and steal their socks. 

121.How many friends do you have?
Frankly that’s none of your beeswax

122. How many of these friends have you met on deviantART?
Too many. XP

123. Which friend is your favorite to talk to?
Do I really have to choose?

124. Which friend is the craziest?
Hell if I know, everyone around here seems insane to me.

125. Which friend has trolled you the most?
well they call :iconfinjix: a robot roll for a reason…

126. Which friend do you secretly suspect of being a superhero?
pretty sure :icongokuvssuperman117: or :icontheperpetual: are superheroes. They disappear for long periods of time without posting things, it would only make that much sense. XP

127. What friend have you known the longest?
hmm, probably :iconhailtothechimp: and :iconburnouts3s3: since I was chatting with these two way back in 2008.

128. Which friend do you wish you talked to more?
Too many to name.

129. Which friend do you wish you talked to less?
Most people I wanted to talk to less I find intrusive and tend to block them. It’s how I cut ties with Kurvos.

130. Which friend makes you laugh the most?
hard to say, a lot of people around here can find some witty ways to get me to crack up.

131. Which friend is fun to RP with?
tough one…
:iconfinjix:, :icongshepherd17:, :iconcktoonstudios: and a few others come to mind

132. Which friend has made you rage the most?
I’d rather not bring that up. That incident was between us and no one else is to get involved.

133. Which friend would totally kick your @$$ if they wanted to?
Probably :iconalisaihin:
that dude has a gun.

The Overdone Playlist Meme

With this section of the meme, go to your iTunes and play all of your music on Shuffle. Now each part of your day gets a song to go with it. Make sure to put the song’s full name and artist name and NO SKIPPING ANY SONGS!

134) Waking Up: 

“She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” - The Beatles

135) Getting Dressed and Getting Ready: 

“Rock is Dead” - Marilyn Manson (…yeah I could sort of see that working)

136) Eating Breakfast: 

“Another Night” - The Hollies (…must be a breakfast directed by Martin Scorsese then)

137) Getting a Call from Your Parents: 

“Valentine’s Day” - Linkin Park (“my insides all turn to ash, so slow.” Well geez, that’s not what typically goes through my head when my folks call.)

138) Playing a Video Game: 

“Enter Sandman” - Metallica (heh heh, hell yeah.)

139) Your Love Life: 

“Beyond the Sea” - Bobby Darin (that’s adorable, but it is ironic as my past few relationships have been long-distance)

140) Going somewhere with your friends: 

“Dark End of the Street” - Aretha Franklin (sounds foreboding, but damn, the Queen of Soul makes that alleyway sound comforting)

141) When something bad happens: 

“Scoff” - Nirvana (“give me back my alcohol” is the most I can make out from this song, obviously something went wrong)

142) When something great happens: 

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” - The Tokens (…I somehow don’t feel any better from this)

143) The song that plays when you win a million dollars: 

“Neon Knights” - Black Sabbath (Ah, so Dio is what wins me a million? Bitchin’)

144) Your superhero theme: 

“Empty Spaces” - Pink Floyd (Sounds more like the theme if I was a super villain.)

145) The theme of your arch nemesis: 

“Mozart: Symphony #25 in G Minor, K 183  Allegro” - Nevillie Marriner: Academy of St. Martin In the Fields (well at least my arch-nemesis is a classy motherf*cker)

146) Gotta Get Up and Dance! 

“In The Mood” - Rush (hell to the F Yeah!)

147) Eating Lunch:
“I Don’t Want To Live Without You” - Foreigner (that must be a damn good lunch then)

148) It’s Holiday Time: 

“My Kingdom” - Megadeth (man that’s gotta be one hell of a holiday. :headbang:)

149) A Long Road Trip: 

“Back in the USSR” - The Beatles (Not sure if you can drive all the way to Russia, but who can knock the classics?)

150) Movie Night: 

“Float On” - Modest Mouse (must be an indie flick then)

151) Eating Dinner: 

“Now or Never” - Billie Holiday (Well gee, I’m sorry, I didn’t know wanted pepper on your salad.)

152) Going to Bed:

“I Remember You” - Helen O’Connell (I dunno, lady. I’m going to bed)

153) What you’re dreaming of: 

“See That Girl” - The Righteous Brothers (zzzzzzzzzz* snrt* waffle irons…zzzzzzzzzzz)

OC Meme, Part I

Now it’s time to switch things up! We’ve heard enough about you, you, you! Time to bring out some characters! Pick one or more of your OC’s and have them fill out the meme below! Whoever tags me with this meme again can request which character I do.

Tall Tales Main Stars by Jarvisrama99 (it was the best picture I knew that had my characters in them. The girl with red-hair in the middle is owned by :iconjarvisrama99:

What is your character’s name? 

Johnny Zealous and Lucas Zaboot

How old is your character? 

Zealous: “Well, I just turned 47 last month…”

Zaboot: “32 goin’ on 33.”

How did your character come to be?

Johnny originally came as a joke to how commercialized the Star Wars prequels were as a salesman to sell anything. When I tackled Death Battle, I figured it would be easy to make the transition for him from a joke into a host. Lucas followed to think of a co-host to think of something amusing to counter with Johnny.

What species is your character? 

Both are human.

Does your character have any special powers or abilities?

Zealous: ”Outside of being the greatest salesman on the Internet? Nothing brag-worthy.”

Zaboot: “Hah! I’m a f*ckin beast at taking beatin’s. Let’s see how long it takes handcuff fetish to take that kind of abuse, heh.”

Where does your character live?

Zealous: “I’m always on the move so I don’t have one specific residence. But I do have apartments on the West and East Coast when I’m there.”

Zaboot: “The rat’s asshole known as Jersey Shore.”

Is your character good or evil?

Zealous: “I like to think of myself as a good person.”

Zaboot: “Pff, yeah right. Don’t evah trust a salesman kids.”

Zealous: “Like you’re any better. Theft, assault, sexual harassment, possession of narcotics, drunk and disorder…and that’s only the offenses I’ve known from you since I met you.”

Zaboot: “Heh, good times.”

Who would you pick to voice your character?
Zealous: “Well, I believe our sponsor believes voice actor Troy Baker would be fitting for a smooth and regal voice to seduce consumers into my promotion trade-“

Zaboot: “And I get Nolan Nohth with a Jersey accent. Cause of course I did. One jackhole t’ voice anuddah, amirght?”

Is your character in a relationship? If yes, how did they meet their other?
Zealous: “I…I have been married before…as of now, she and I have been talking, but I’m not sure how she would feel about restarting a relationship after the divorce…”

Zaboot: “Well good thing I ain’t got t’ worry ‘bout that. Any paih’a tits ’n ass suits me! I ain’t that picky! To all th’ gals out theah, call me.”

Does your character have any kids?
Zealous: “Yes…we haven’t spoken in several years unfortunately.”

Zaboot: “…I cannot imagine you even reproducin’, that’s just f*cked up…”

What does your character do for a living?
Zealous: “When I’m not hosting Death Battle, I am going around the world making sales pitches for the multiple companies who hire my services. 5 Gum?”

Zaboot: “Eh, I do whatevah it takes to fill my pockets. Death Battle is probably the only legitimate income I’ve got right now.”

If you character had a theme song, what would it be?
Zealous: “Big Time by Peter Gabriel.”

Zaboot: “Rockin’ In the Free World by Neil Young.”

Does this dress make me look fat?
Zealous: “Nonsense! If anything, the attire brings out the best features in yo-“

Zaboot: “And that big fat ass of yours!”

Zealous: “Lucas!”

Zaboot: “What?! I’m bein’ honest heah!”

What is your character’s greatest weakness?
Zealous: “…I do place too much focus on my career than on friends and family…”

Zaboot: “Hah! Losah.”

Zealous: “Funny hearing that come from you. Considering your long reported history of self-inflicted violence, mental breakdowns, drinking and self-condemnation.”

Zaboot: “You shut yer damn mouth about that!”

Who are some of your character’s friends?
Zaboot: “Hah! Like the sale man here would even HAVE friends.”

Zealous: “I happen to have plenty.”

Zaboot: “Any of them NOT in the business world?”

Zealous: “…”

Zaboot: “Thought so.”

Who are some of your character’s foes?
Zealous: (looks at Lucas sternly) “Strangely most people who want me dead are because of you.”

Zaboot: “Oh please, I fail to pay a bookie and you get kidnapped for it, that could have happened to anyone!”

What is your character’s favorite sport?
Zealous: “Any one where I can advertise my labels to.”

Zaboot: “Can’t go wrong with the most American game ever made; Football!”

What is your character’s favorite hobby?
Zealous: “I’ve been attempting to finish this book for the past five years…”

Zaboot: “Outside of beating on f*ckahs from Brooklyn and drinkin’, nothin’ ya’ll need to know.”

Hey, isn’t that Stan Lee?
Zealous: “Hello Mr. Lee, a pleasure to see you again.”

Zaboot: “And f*ck you foh that piece of sh*t Avengers sequel!”

Do your characters suspect any of your friends as being superheroes?
Zealous: “That’s not that impossible to consider.”

Zaboot: “It’s cause one of our co-workers IS a f*cking superhero.”

What is your character’s favorite food?
Zealous: “A toss-up between Miso Soup, Oden or Bento.” 

Zaboot: “Weirdo. Ya need normal food like Italian.”

Does your character have a pet?

Zealous: “Again, I travel too much to keep one.”

Zaboot: “Had a cat. Either he ran off or he died in my apartment. Dunno.”

Is your character getting annoyed by this meme?

Zealous: “I have a little more control to at least be civil for nuisances like this.”

Zaboot: “When am I getting paid for being in this bullsh*t?”

Too bad, because that was only part one!

Zealous: “Well too bad, our writer doesn’t have that many original characters.”

Zaboot: “So suck it, taggers!”

- -

Might as well tag some people back.








Now, stop tagging me, I’ve got sh*t to do.

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